With seating for up to 14 and two different hull choices, this all-new traditional bow can be set up for how your family plays. Choose the Diamond Multisport hull to get the most versatile wakeboarding /surfing/waterski surface on the planet, or opt for the Wake Plus Hull to go hardcore surf and wake. Designed in the style of the 23 LSV - the most popular towboat in history - the 22 LSV has all that styling and performance in a more compact package.

Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform combines an array of our innovations to create the perfect wake and wave suitable whether you are a beginner, a Professional, or anywhere in between. The ISP starts with performance hulls and swim boards tailored to each boat model. From there it builds in several industry-firsts, including the unique and patented Surf Gate that transforms a perfect watersports wake into a surfable and customized wave.

The ISP’s Quad Hard-Tank Ballast system lets you add up to 2,270 kgs of wake-creating ballast (depending on the model) at the tap of your finger on one of the dual touch-screens forming our Command Center.

Also at your command, Malibu’s Power Wedge III, our third-generation patented hydrofoil, adds up to 680 kgs of additional wake-generating water displacement.

For the last word in wake and wave control, the Malibu ISP puts it right in the surfer’s hands with the patented Surf Band wrist remote. Easily transfer with the use of Surf Band, as well as audio and visual signaling.

Length (excl. Platform) 21'11' / 6.65
Length (incl. Swim Platform) 24' 7" / 7.51 m
Beam 102" / 2.59 m
Weight 4,900 lbs / 2,223 kg
Draft 27" / 0.69 m
Standard Ballast 950 lbs / 431 kgs
Maximum Ballast 4,200 lbs / 1,909 kgs
Optional Bow Ballast 350 lbs / 158 kgs
Optional Plug'n'Play 1,100 lbs / 499 kgs
Optional Power Wedge III 1,500 lbs / 680 kgs
Hull Type Wake Plus or Diamond
Fuel Capacity 182 ltrs
Maximum People 14

  • Amazing Agility
  • Seating for 14
  • Wake Plus or Diamond Multisport Hull
  • TRaditional Bow
  • G3.5 Tower
  • Digitally Tuned Zoned Sound System
  • Rear-Facing Malibu Wake View Bench Seat (optional)
  • Power Helm Seat (optional)
  • Hot-Water Shower (optional)

Integrated Surf Package (optional)

  • Surf Gate
  • Surf Band
  • Power Wedge III
  • Quad Hard Tank Ballast